The Secrets to Our Success

Start at Square One
At EQ, we believe it all starts with the fabric. By selecting the finest raw materials, we ensure that every suit we make delivers the quality we expect and our customers demand. Our polyester and nylon spandex fabrics have been thoughtfully selected to provide:

• 50+UV Protection - thwarts the sun’s effect on your skin.
• Maximum Chlorine Resistance – reduces fabric breakdown.
• Excellent Stretch and Recovery Characteristics – retains shape and support.
• Low Absorbency and Quick Drying – enhances your comfort out of the water.
• Color-Fast Technology – enduring color intensity that resists fading.
• High Comfort Factor – completes the package; workout after workout.

Chlorine resistant Lycra. This fabric has the soft, forgiving properties of lycra, and will feel instantly comfortable in on the body and in the water. These fabrics are manufactured as Chlorine resistant fabrics, and are designed to hold up against the elements we face as aquatic enthusiasts. Unfortunately they are not as durable as our stretch polyester fabrics, but will provide a form fitting suit that looks and feels great. The colors for this season are black, mocha, wine, navy, turquoise, teal, purple, citron, and lilac.

Chlorine resistant lycra offers the following features and benefits:

  • Two way stretch: stretch properties in both directions
  • Shape retention: Garments that retain their shape after many uses
  • Excellent UV protection: A fabric's ability to offer protection from UV rays (UPF 50+ is the maximum value obtainable)
  • Sand resistant: that does not trap grains of sand between the fibers
  • Exceptional coverage: provides superb coverage with out the risk of being see through
  • Perfect fit: Fabric elasticity molds to the body without being constricting, allowing the best freedom of movement
  • Pilling resistant: Fabric that is always smooth and pleasant to the touch. Tests have proven that this fabric
  • resists abrasion and pilling to the high standard
  • Quick drying: Fabric that dries quickly removing the unpleasant wet sensation on the skin avoiding irritating rubbing

Sweat the Small Stuff
Each EQ suit is individually cut and sewn together, not mass-produced. Every seam is meticulously stitched for maximum durability and performance. Our polyester suits are fully lined in a lighter weight version of the outer fabric. In similar fashion, our nylon spandex suits are lined with high-grade material. These little details work together to provide exceptional performance and seamless, resilient fit.

Stay on Home Turf
Many things go into the making of professional swimwear. Often this includes a hefty price tag…and another tag: “Made in (insert foreign country here)”. This is where EQ separates itself from the pack. Rather than send our work overseas, all suits are designed and constructed right here in the Pacific Northwest, by experts with over 20 years of experience in the swimwear industry. This enables us to create products of premium quality and exceptional value.