About Us

A Company That Gets It
EQ began a decade ago with one goal in mind: to produce stylish, efficient, premium quality swimwear for real people. As experienced swimmers and school-of-life graduates ourselves, we know that real people come in all shapes and sizes. They have different ideas about fitness, style and performance. We know that for some, the water is freedom. For others, it’s work. We’ve personally tasted the thrill of world-class competition and the giddy joy of a springboard cannonball. We understand that not everyone can look like a god in a swim suit, effortlessly glide for 400 meters and never get wrinkly after two hours in the pool. But some can. All of these wonderful individuals and experiences have inspired our product line - exceptional swimwear that’s as real as the people who use it.

A Word (or 129) About Quality
High Quality. Easy words to say. Not so easy to back up. At EQ Swimwear, quality means just this: Swimwear that Endures. All of our suits are designed and built nearby the “EQ-HQ” in Portland, Oregon, by some of the most experienced artisans in the business. Each suit is individually cut and sewn together, using superior grade polyester and lycra materials. Every seam is meticulously stitched for maximum durability and performance. Additionally, all women’s suits and select men’s suits are fully-lined to ensure a comfortable, flattering fit. Once our suits are completed, they’re tested inside and out by world-class swimmers and every day enthusiasts. The end result is consistently great swimwear that looks fantastic, is exceedingly functional and lasts. All at prices you wouldn’t expect for such (yes, we’re gonna say it) high quality.

Our Founder:
Ellen FergusonEllen Ferguson, President – Ellen utilized her extensive background as an elite-level competitive swimmer and professional sports marketer to create EQ.

An Oregon native, Ellen began swimming at the age of six, and swam with legendary coach Mark Schubert in California. She attended UCLA, where she became an All-American and school record holder. While with the Bruins, Ellen also served on numerous athletic committees, including the NCAA Long Range Planning Committee, and was the president of the Athletes Advisory Council.

Professionally, Ellen has over a decade of sales and marketing experience in the sporting and outdoor industries. She has built and managed multimillion dollar accounts with the likes of NIKE, the Rockport Company and Airwalk.

In addition to managing the daily business of EQ Swimwear, Ellen remains active in Masters swimming. She holds numerous regional and national championship titles, and ranks in the top five in her age group. She lives with her husband and their three children in Portland, Oregon.