EQ: Defined

What is Emotional Quotient?
Many have attempted to give a concise definition of EI, however the concept is quite broad. In sum, Emotional Intelligence encompasses:

  1. Knowing how you and others feel and what to do about it.
  2. Knowing what feels good, what feels bad, and how to get from bad to good.
  3. The emotional awareness, sensitivity and management skills, which help us, maximize our long term happiness and survival.

Other key components include perseverance, optimism, self-motivation, self-awareness, and the ability to delay gratification. As well as the ability to empathize with, feel compassion for, validate, motivate, inspire, encourage and soothe others.

How does this apply to athletics?
Mental toughness, and emotional intelligence are key elements in achieving athletic greatness. Most athletes have experienced disappointing performances in their careers. So, in the midst of a slump, identifying the problem, and getting from there to success requires emotional intelligence. An example of this came about at the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul, South Korea.

Matt Biondi, a US swimmer entered the games as a favorite to win seven gold medals-as Mark Spitz had done 16 years earlier. After turning in two disappointing performances in his first two races, most commentators thought Biondi would be unable to recover from his setback. However, Biondi, known for possessing an extraordinarily upbeat attitude, responded by swimming even faster, winning five gold metals in the next five races. (TIME Magazine, October, 1995.)

We encourage you to put yourself to the 'test' as you define your goals. If and when you experience a setback, think about what it will take to get over or around these temporary obstacles that are in your way to success. Exercise the components of emotional intelligence!

For more information about Emotional Intelligence visit the EQ Institute.

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