September 30, 2013

Congratulations to Lauren Thies

Lauren has come back to competitive swimming at the age of 27 and is turning in some of the best times of her life. After attending Stanford University, she moved back to Portland Oregon and had the desire to race once again. Last month she competed in the US Nationals in East Meadow NY. Lauren, representing the Multnomah Athletic Club, won the 100 Meter Freestyle in a time of 55.93, nearly a second ahead of the second place finisher. She later went on to gain her second title in the 200 Meter freestyle in a time of 1:59.81. Lauren broke out to an early body-length lead and finished about two seconds ahead of the rest of the field.*

"That was on par or better than I expected," Thies said. "I put in some good training this winter, so I knew I could go some good times. But for sure I didn't think I'd break two minutes for the 200, so that was very exciting."*

"I think it's encouraging because I had another eight months of training since Nationals last summer, and with another few months of training, I'll be refining my stroke and possibly drop some more time for Team USA (at Pan Ams)."*

Lauren will be representing the USA at the Pan American Games in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil in July 2007.

Lauren trains in EQ Swimwear at the Multnomah Athletic Club in Portland Oregon, and all of us at EQ wish Lauren continued success with her upcoming meets.

*USA Swimming Website

(Race photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)